Nothing improves your appearance, confidence, and outlook on life like a bright and healthy smile! Sadly, not everyone has access to affordable dental care to achieve such a smile. That’s why we are excited to announce that we will be donating a new smile to one special person for our 2019 Giving Smiles Creating Hope program!

Starting November 11th we will be accepting applications for our Giving Smiles Creating Hope program. The program aims to provide free dental care to someone who cannot afford it for one reason or another. The recipient could just need a cleaning, filling, or a whole new smile!

If you are in desperate need of dental care and just need a break in life, we would love to hear your story. In addition, if you know someone who this program may benefit we would love to hear their story as well! To apply please fill out the application below. We also ask that you take a 2-5 minute video sharing your story, how it has impacted your dental health, and what winning would mean to you, please email your video to- [email protected] (your video will not be shared publicly).

Guidelines For Your Video:

  1. Must be 2-5 minutes long
  2. Video must contain the person applying for the program
  3. One submission per person
  4. Send the video to [email protected]
  5. Submission deadline is 12/13/19

Dentist in Hudsonville MICheck out one of our videos from a few years ago to see what this program is all about!

The recipient of Giving Smiles Creating Hope will be announced on December 24th!

Fill out the application below to be entered in the program.