In the world of dentistry, there are many tools and advanced gadgets that help streamline the work being performed. One of those pieces of dental technology is the iTero digital scanner.

Used by both dentists and orthodontists alike, the iTero digital scanner is easy to use, painless, and capable of producing detailed images in just minutes.

What is an iTero Scanner?

Simply put, an iTero scanner is a type of intraoral scanner that through the use of a specialized wand, captures images to create 3D dental renderings. The scanner also has a screen visible to the patient and dentist that displays the images being taken.

The small wand attached to the iTero allows our dentists to scan all areas of the mouth, including a patient’s molars which are typically harder to reach. In addition to planned procedures, digital scans courtesy of the iTero device help to diagnose dental issues.

Some benefits of an iTero digital scan include:

  • Painless
  • Over in a few minutes
  • No gel or mold required to create an impression
  • More accurate and comfortable than traditional methods

When Would Digital Scanning Like This Be Used?

iTero digital scans can be used for a handful of restorative and cosmetic procedures. From a scan, our dentists can develop precise models for restorative work such as dental crowns and implants.

Invisalign® treatment also involves the use of the iTero scanner as it is compatible with the Invisalign system. Scans acquired help in the planning stage and can be directly sent to another facility where a patient’s custom clear aligners are created.

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