4 Things to Know Before Getting Veneers

Veneers patient Hudsonville MI cosmetic dentists

Veneers patient Hudsonville MI cosmetic dentists

If you’re looking for a long-lasting way to alter how your smile looks without orthodontic treatment or even teeth whitening, look no further than porcelain veneers. These wafer thin “shells” go right over your natural teeth to dramatically change their shade, size, and shape. Our Hudsonville cosmetic dentists can evaluate your current smile to confirm whether you’re a proper veneers candidate.

But first, here are 4 important aspects about veneers to keep in mind before pursuing the procedure.



Veneers Can:

1. Cover Chipped, Stained, and Worn Teeth

As long as your natural enamel is not severely worn or damaged in a way that requires restorative dental treatment, veneers can be placed by one of our cosmetic dentists. Teeth with chips in them or discoloration too stubborn for professional whitening can both benefit from being covered by veneers.

You can also use veneers to fix the following dental issues:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Pointy or abnormally shaped teeth
  • Smaller-than-average teeth

Only have minorly chipped or cracked teeth? Our dentists may recommend cosmetic bonding instead. This procedure involves adding, shaping, and curing tooth-colored resin material to smooth out unwanted imperfections. Compared to porcelain veneers, bonding is less invasive in terms of tooth preparation and can be completed in one appointment.

2. Not Be Reversed as Enamel Is Removed

The irreversible nature of having veneers applied is very important to consider prior to moving forward with them. Many patients who set out wanting veneers forget that once they are on, there is no going back to your old smile. Enamel removed in the process will not return, unfortunately.

Our cosmetic dentists can discuss with you every detail of the procedure before you’ve made your final decision so you’re well-informed. At the end of the day, we want you to feel confident about the appearance of your teeth.

3. Transform a Smile in Two Visits

The entire veneers procedure will require you to come into our Hudsonville dental office on two separate occasions. During your first appointment, our cosmetic dentists will remove a small portion of natural enamel from the fronts of your teeth. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that you remain comfortable throughout this process.

After temporary veneers are placed, our dentists will send the mold taken of your teeth to an outside dental lab for final production. You can expect to wait 1-2 weeks for your permanent veneers before you’re asked to return and have them cemented in place.

Though veneers are a bit pricier than other cosmetic procedures, many patients and our dentists would agree that they are well worth the investment. In just two appointments, your entire smile can take on a whole new look that you’ve been waiting years to have.

4. Resist Stains but Still Require Care

The dental porcelain used for veneers is highly stain resistant. That means red wine, tea, or coffee will not affect them in the same way as your natural enamel. However, just because your veneers will shine bright for years doesn’t mean they don’t need regular oral care.

Our dentists advise you to still brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once daily. Remember to also come into our office for a teeth cleaning every 6 months or as often as directed. Regular oral hygiene paired with professional care from our dentists will keep your new smile as healthy as ever.

Ask Our Dentists About Veneers

Are you ready to learn more about the veneers procedure? Our cosmetic dentists in Hudsonville, MI, can evaluate your teeth to determine your candidacy and go into detail about every step. Schedule an appointment by giving Hudsonville Dental a call today at (616) 209-4024.