Here’s Why Invisalign Would Win A Cage Match Against Braces

Here's Why Invisalign Would Win A Cage Match Against Braces
Here's Why Invisalign Would Win A Cage Match Against Braces Hudsonville, MI
Invisa-what? Invisalign is a form of clear aligners used in orthodontics to straighten teeth. Think of them like braces… just better. Now, I don’t just say that without proof. 

Here’s why Invisalign would win in a cage match against braces:

1. Growing up did you ever dream of having a superpower? Maybe it was flying or super strength, but what about invisibility? Invisalign gives your teeth just that… like its name implies they are virtually invisible. Sure it’s not a real superpower, but it beats traditional braces, which are definitely NOT invisible!

2. Think to yourself, “do I like…

  • popcorn at the movies
  • eating my kid’s hard candy from Halloween while they sleep
  • the redeeming quality of gum after a few pieces of garlic bread
  • starting my day with a freshly toasted bagel
  • downing a bag of chips while watching Sunday night football

Or what about nuts, ice (I mean come on… ICE?), chewy candy, pizza crust, crunchy vegetables and fruits, hard crackers, pretzels, etc.” Chew on that, no pun intended. Those are all pulled from a list titled, “Foods To Completely Avoid With Braces.” Guess who wins round 2 of the Invisalign vs. Braces cage match? You guessed it – Invisalign. All of those foods that you can’t help not eating can be binged during Invisalign treatment. Here’s a step by step guide:

  • Step #1: take out Invisalign.
  • Step #2: eat your favorite foods.

3. Who thinks wearing a barbed wire on your teeth sounds like a blast? Anyone? I mean… seriously it could be fun. Ok, maybe I am stretching a bit, but braces do have a history of causing discomfort and irritation. Brackets and wires can break, which I wouldn’t say is ideal plus you need to go in to see your orthodontist to get it fixed. I am sensing a recurring theme here because the rookie of the year – Invisalign takes the cake once again! Invisalign clear aligners are made with silky smooth plastic which causes far less pain & discomfort. 

4. I am going to ask another question, who loves visiting the dentist or orthodontist? Don’t worry, you’re not going to hurt my feelings, we’re used to it. Unlike braces, Invisalign requires far less frequent visits.

I could keep going but Braces threw in the towel. Ding, ding, ding – we have a winner, introducing the Orthodontic Champion of the World – INVISALIGN!

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